We Can Accept Criminal & Bankruptcy Histories

We're Transparent:

We share our apartment application approval requirements for credit, income, evictions, bankruptcies, criminal record & co-signers

Credit Requirements

Credit Score (FICO)

We do a credit check if you decide to apply for an apartment.

  • A FICO score of 620 or higher from TransUnion, with 6 months or more of credit payment history, will get approved.

  • We can sometimes approve scores between 600 and 619, if there's two or fewer combined late payments + collection occurrences.

  • Any score below 600 will not get approved. Sorry, no exceptions.

  • Any co-applicants need a 600 or above FICO score.

  • Applicants must meet both credit & income requirements

Learn What Your Credit Score Is:

If you're not sure that you have any score at all (very common), or haven't checked your score in a while, we'd suggest going to a site like They'll provide your score for free. That's a better option spending $40 on an apartment application only to be denied.

Learn A Fairly Easy Way To Improve Your Credit Score to 600+

Our best suggestion is to get a secured credit card. This is a credit card you can get even if you have a low credit score or no credit at all. Click here to learn more: Improve Your Credit Score

Criminal or Felony Requirements

We can approve apartment applications with a criminal background, including felonies. Second chances matter. However, all other requirements apply (620+ credit score & income requirements).

Prior Eviction Requirements:

We can approve applications with prior evictions, but all other requirements apply (620+ credit score & income requirements). We may require two months or more of rent payments upfront, at move in.


Prior Bankruptcy Requirements:

We can approve apartment applications with prior bankruptcies. The bankruptcy must be discharged (Chapter 7 or 13). All other requirements apply (620+ credit score and income requirements), We may require two months or more of rent payments upfront, at move in.

Income Requirements

Here's how we calculate your maximum approved rent:



Gross Monthly Household Income:


Less: Monthly Loan Payments


X 35% =

Maximum Rent:









We don't accept Co-Signers. Sorry, no exceptions.

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