Apartment Application

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Common Application Questions:

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Am I Making the Right Choice?



"WOW! this is nice!"

That should be your reaction at the apartment viewing.

It's clean and nicely rehabbed. It's the right location. It's in my budget. It has the ammenities I need.

Will the apartment get roaches?

No one wants to live with roaches, mice or bed bugs.



Preventative extermination every three weeks, in every apartment, by a professional exterminator.

Not because we have BUGS, but, because we want to prevent them.

Will you have bad neighbors?

Loud music, traffic into and out of apartments, non residents loitering in the lobby.


No landlord can guarantee this won't happen, but, we're very selective in who we approve. We screen for good tenants, with good credit that are respectful neighbors.


Our residents stay with us for 30 months on average. They like where they live.

Are you getting the best deal?

There's a natural tendency to pay the most attention to the rent and less attention to utility costs and monthly fees when comparing apartments. 

Landlords use that to their advantage. Many now charge a monthly water fee of $30 to $35 every month on top of rent.


Many also advertise a low rent but make the resident pay for the heat and water bills. It's a bad deal. The lower rent is never enough to cover the utility expenses


Our rents are consistently $30 to $100 less than the "big landlord" in the area.

And, all our apartment have free heat, free water, and free trash. Some also have free cooking gas.

We NEVER charge a monthly water fee like some other landlords do.


 It's often the things you can't easily see that can turn a good decision into a mistake.

Deposits fees & next steps. When can I move in?

Here's the steps after you get approved: 1. Pay the non refundable move-in fee of $425. Once approved, you'll receive an email where you can pay the move-in fee online. After the move-in fee is paid the apartment is reserved for you. 2. Select your move in date. You can move in as short as a couple days, or as long as 30 days from the date you paid the move in fee. 3. On your move in date, you'll sign the lease, pay first months rent, and get the keys to the apartment. WELCOME HOME! We don't collect any security deposit (except in rare special circumstances) and we don't collect any extra rent (e.g. last months rent). Total to move in: Application fee ($29); move in fee ($425); and first month rent. That's it.

Is A credit check done?


Is my data safe?

We take data security and privacy seriously. Click to view our policies below: Data Security | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

What's The Requirements?

Here's the short answer: CREDIT:

  1. A FICO score of 620 or higher from TransUnion, with 12 months or more of credit payment history, will get approved.
  2. Sometimes we'll approve scores between 600 and 619, but any score below 600 will be denied, no matter how much money you make, or what the reasons are for a low score. No exceptions. Serious! That's harsh, but we want to be truthful and transparent.
  3. We DO NOT accept co-signers, sorry.
INCOME: 1. Gross household monthly income that is three times the rent. View how to improve your score here Not sure what your credit score is? We'd suggest going to site like CreditKarma.com. They'll give you your score for free. To view full description of our requirements click here.

Criminal, or eviction, or bankruptcy backgrounds

We can accept criminal (including felonies). We believe second chances matter. We can also accept evictions and bankruptcies. In any/all of these cases, the requirements are:

  1. You (and any co-applicant) have a credit score of 620 or higher, with at least 12 months of credit history.
  2. You meet the income requirements
  3. Any bankruptcies must be discharged
  4. Any eviction must be more than a year ago

What if I have a Section 8 Voucher?

We have many, happy, Section 8 residents in our properties. You still need to do the application, and you'll need to have a 600+ credit score to get approved.

What's the application fee?

The application fee is $29, which you'll pay with a debit or credit card on the application form. The fee is the same ($29) if you have only one adult occupant, or if you also have co-applicants. The application fee is NOT refundable.

How long does it take to find out if I'm Approved?

We can often get back with a decision in four hours or less, sometimes a bit longer, but usually no more than 24 hours. You'll receive a text message and an email with the approval decision.

How will you know which apartment I'm applying for?

Based on what you pre-qualified for and the apartment you scheduled your showing for.

Have a question that isn't answered above?

Give our office a call, we'd be happy to help! Phone: (630) 768-4055 Email: admin@rentrabbit.net

What documents will I need to submit?

  1. Copies of your two most recent paystubs
  2. Government issued photo ID (drivers license or State ID)
  3. Copy of front page of your most recent 1040 tax return, or, most recent W2
You'll take a picture with your phone of these documents (one picture per document) and upload them to our online application.