Tour types available:

All tours are scheduled online

1. Self-guided

Scheduling availability:

Every day of the week.

7am to 7pm.


Go an hour from now if you like.

Tour on your own, at your own pace. No agent, no pressure. Bring a friend!

Let yourself in. Press a button on your phone to unlock the doors. We'll guide you through each step of the way. Schedule online>>

2. Tour with an agent

Scheduling availability:

Tuesday's & Thursday's





Meet the agent at the property and get a 1 on 1 tour of the apartment. Schedule online >>

3. Virtual

live stream3.jpeg

Scheduling availability:

Tuesday's & Thursday's


Your agent will give you a live streamed virtual tour (video and voice) from inside the apartment.


Watch from the comfort of your home or office. Schedule online >>

How it works:

Scheduling & pre-qualifying:

icon schedule.png

SCHEDULE: Select tour type & pick date/time for your tour.


INCOME: Answer a few questions on occupants and income

CREDIT: A screenshot from any free credit service like CreditKarma. A 620+ score is needed for self-guided and agent-led tours. Learn more >>

IDENTITY: Upload picture of your photo ID (Self-guided only).