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 on the Westside of Chicago

Pangea vs. Rent Rabbit - Westside of Chicago Apartments

Seven Things to Consider when Looking for an Apartment in Austin Chicago:

Pangea Apartments vs. Rent Rabbit:


Comparing Approval Requirements & Credit Scores Needed:

Credit score under 600 in Austin Chicago


Can accept No Credit

Can Accept Credit < 600


Can Accept Bankruptcies

Can Accept Evictions

Application Fee

Section 8 Accepted


Check mark in favor of rent rabbit for accepting bankruptcies
Check mark in favor of rent rabbit for accepting evictions


Check mark in favor of rent rabbit for accpting section 8

On Phone




Check mark in favor of pangea for accpting section 8



Rent Rabbit Apartmets

Pangea advertises "no credit, no problem" and can sometimes accept lower scores, or no credit score applicants.

Rent Rabbit requires a credit score above 600 (usually 620 or higher). Scores below 600 will not get approved, no exceptions.

Rent Rabbit approval requirements are clear, simple and published. Pangea's are hard to find, if published at all.



Pangea Apartments vs. Rent Rabbit on Cheap Rents:


Rent Rabbit Has Lower Rents....

Rent Rabbit has lower rents in Austin Chicago

Rent Rabbit rents are consistently lower than Pangea westside of Chicago apartments, often by $50.00/month or more (Source: Zillow Network).

...And, Rent Rabbit has

Really Nice Places

on Chicago's Westside:

Cheap rent plus apartments to love is why renters choose Rent Rabbit over Pangea westside of Chicago Apartments.

Example apartments Rent Rabbit residents call home:



Pangea Apartments vs. Rent Rabbit on Utility Fees:


Pangea Charges a Water Fee of $30 to $35 Every Month on Many Apartments


The water fee is charged no matter how much, or how little water you actually use.


Combine Pangea's water fee with rent that is already higher than Rent Rabbit and things can get expensive fast.

With rent Rabbit you can use all the water you want. There's no fee, it's free.



Rent Rabbit has Free Heat, Water & Trash

Rent Rabbit has Free Heat

Free Heat

Rent Rabbit has Free water

Free Water

Rent Rabbit has free trash

Free Trash

Beware of Chicago westside apartments with tenant paid utilities! Although rents are often lower, it's usually a bad deal, the lower rent is never enough to cover the utility costs you pay.

Pangea has free heat and trash on some apartments in the Austin area too. Just make sure to ask when viewing apartments.



Pangea vs. Rent Rabbit on Apartment Selection & Apartment Amenities

Apartment Selection

Accept Pets

Onsite Laundry

Off Street Parking

3 Bedroom + Units

Rent Rabbit Apartmets
Check mark in favor of Pangea for accepting pets


Check mark in favor of Pangea for wide selection of apartments
Check mark in favor of Pangea for accepting pets
Check mark in favor of Pangea for onsite laundry
Check mark in favor of Pangea for off street parking
Check mark in favor of Pangea for 3+ bedroom apartments

Pangea is a huge apartment company with thousands of apartments under management on the westside of Chicago alone. Naturally, they'll have a larger selection of apartments to choose from.

For example, if you're looking for a two bedroom apartment, Pangea may have 10- 15 units available right now. Rent Rabbit may have none, one, or two available.


Pangea Apartments vs. Rent Rabbit on Landlord Size:


With Rent Rabbit You'll Know the Apartment Owners Name and Phone Number

Rent Rabbit works with small landlords on Chicago's west side (Austin neighborhood). So, when you need something you can call the decision maker directly (the owner).

Huge landlords, like Pangea, have policies that employees need to follow, usually with less flexibility to address special circumstances or make an exception. That can lead to getting the the run-around.


Pangea Apartments vs. Rent Rabbit:


User Reviews & Nicely Rehabbed Apartments

Google User Ratings

Rehabbed Apartments

Regular Extermination

Grounds/Common Clean

Rent Rabbit Apartmets
Rent rabbit 4.5 star Google rating
Check mark
Check mark
Check mark


Pangea 4.5 star Google rating
Check mark
Check mark
Check mark

Rent Rabbit provides nicely rehabbed apartments on Chicago's west side  with low rents, free utilities & responsive maintenance services.

Rent Rabbit does this to attract and retain residents with good credit that are good neighbors.

Pangea provides high quality, nicely rehabbed apartments, with responsive maintenance service as well.


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Rent Rabbit Apartmets
Rent Rabbit Check mark
Rent Rabbit Check mark
check mark
check mark

Pangea Apartments

Pangea check mark
Pangea X
Pangea X


Choosing the Right Westside of Chicago Apartment:

Don't Settle:


Get the Best Deal:

Stickey note with reminder to pay the Pangea $35 water fee


Pay $35 water fee

Beware of Monthly Water Fees with Pangea:

Pangea's higher rents plus water fees become expensive.

Rent Rabbit provides beautifully  rehabbed west side apartments at  a much better value.


Not in Love? Don't Sign:

Lease signing

Don't Fall for Closing Gimmicks at the Showing:

Resist the "you need to sign now or it will be gone" when viewing apartments.


Take your time and shop around. Be sure. Love where you live!

"Wow, I Love This Place!"


That's the reaction you should have when you walk through the door at a showing.

Finding a place you really love will require looking around a bit, with multiple landlords on the westside of Chicago.

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