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Common Questions:

How it Works

For pre-qualification we ask a couple simple questions on your income and credit that you self report, then you're taken to the online calendar to schedule your showing of the apartment.

Is A Credit Check Done?

No. Not when you pre-qualify. A credit check is done later, if you decide to apply for an apartment after you visit it. View our apartment approval requirements. View No Credit Check Apartments

Is This The Application?

No. The application is done later, only if you decide to apply after visiting the apartment.

Does Pre-Qualified Mean I'm Approved?

No. But it does mean you've met the key requirements to be approved. View Our Apartment Approval Requirements >>

Is My Data Safe?

We take data security and privacy seriously. Click to view our policies below: Data Security | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

Why Pre-Qualify?

IT'S REQUIRED BEFORE SCHEDULING YOUR SHOWING Think of it like a landlord phone screen, except we do it online. GET YOUR CONFIDENCE ON! It just makes more sense to visit apartments that you know you'll likely get approved for. FAST, FREE & INSTANT Takes less than 5 minutes. Your result is instant.

What's The Requirements?

Here's the short answer: 1. A Credit score of 620 or higher. Sometimes we'll approve scores between 600 and 619, but any score below 600 will be denied, no matter how much money you make, or what the reasons are for a low score. No exceptions. Serious! That's harsh, but we want to be truthful and transparent. 2. Gross household income that is three times the rent. View our full requirements here View how to improve your score here No Credit Check Apartments

Criminal, or Eviction, or Bankruptcy Backgrounds

We can accept criminal (including felonies), evictions and bankruptcy backgrounds if:

  1. You (and any co-applicant) have a credit score of 620 or higher.
  2. You meet the income requirements
View full apartment approval requirements here

We accept Section 8 Vouchers

We have many, happy, Section 8 residents in our properties.

COVID-19: Are Virtual Showings Available?

Yes. When you pre-qualify, you'll be asked if you want to do an in-person showing, or, a virtual showing. Learn more

Over 3,000 have pre-qualified, scheduled, and found their apartment with Rent Rabbit.

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Amanda Carlson

It's like Amazon for apartments - all done online. Good idea!

Naomi Neubauer

Found a place in less than a week! Really efficient with no phone tag.

Five star customer review

Jordan Hunt

This system was easy and fast. Scheduled my showing at 3am and toured it the next day.

Five star customer review