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Tour on your own (or with a friend), any day of the week, 7am to 7pm. Your phone becomes your tour guide and also unlocks (bluetooth) the doors. 

About self-guided tours:

Tour at your own pace. When you want, how you want, as long as you want. 

Pre-qualify & schedule tour (all online). Start here:

When do you plan to move in?

Easy, free, secure, five minutes fast. 

Step by step:


We'll guide you through, all the way, from set up to lock up.

Tour safely:


We verify the identity of everyone self-touring. That's to protect you, our existing residents and us.

Covid friendly:


Self-guided is touchless. No agent and no crowds. The unit is unoccupied and cleaned regularly.

Questions? Call us:


Questions before, during or after your self-guided tour? Call or text, we'll be there to help. Learn more.

Self-guided... what our customers say:

Diamond Shaw

While in your place, I pulled up a listing I toured earlier. Sat on the floor and compared the two. Can't do that while an Agent's with you.

Briana Jackson

It worked great. In fact I visited it by myself, three separate times, before deciding to lease.

Kendall Robinson

With no leasing agent, I could talk openly with a friend I brought on the tour.

Chanel Tolliver

I toured the apartment an hour after scheduling. Really convenient!


Self-guided FAQ's:

What about all the information I'd get if an agent was there?

Instead of an agent, your phone becomes your tour guide. On your phone you'll get: The electronic key to unlock the doors (via bluetooth) A simple map to get you from the lobby to the apartment While touring you'll get messages on your phone about: - Rent - Utilities - Requirements (credit & income) - Move-in fee - Cost to move in, etc. And once, scheduled, you can always call us before, during, or after your self-guided tour

Is a credit check done?

No. Not for your self-tour. We'd never run credit without your explicit permission. A credit check would ONLY be done if you decided to submit an application for the apartment after you've toured it. View our apartment approval requirements.

Are self-guided tours a new thing? Who else is doing this?

It's been around several years and rapidly gaining in popularity. It's the next big thing in apartment leasing. Zillow uses it to self-tour houses for sale. Zumper uses it for apartments. There's hundreds of landlords in Chicago that now use it. Self-guided gives you the control, to go when you want, for as long as you want, and tour it how you want. Tour it an hour from now if you want! You can bring a friend and talk openly about the apartment without the awkwardness of an agent listening in, or pressuring you.

Is my data safe?

We DO NOT sell or provide your personal information to any third parties. That's just wrong. We take data security and privacy seriously. Click to view our policies below: Data Security | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

Are showings with an agent, or live streamed virtual showings available?

No. For studio apartments at 5412 W Ferdinand all showings are self-guided. Yes, we know self-guided is new & different, and, different = reluctant. But, self-checkout at Walmart and buying online at Amazon was new once too, and we were reluctant. Until we did it. Since we introduced self-guided touring a couple months ago, over 50 tours have been scheduled at 5412 W Ferdinand. The feedback has been excellent. Folks like it, once they do it. Maybe you will too!

Can I call you?

Yes. We provide all our contact information after your self-guided tour is scheduled and you've downloaded the virtual key to your phone. Then you can call us anytime, including during or after your tour.

Is this whole thing legit?

It's a valid question, especially because what we do is no doubt different from what you're used to when shopping for an apartment. Yes, we're legit. In fact we go out of our way to be honest and transparent (in our photo's and video's, our approval requirements, etc.). Consider a few of these points too: - We've set up the whole self-guided tour process, devices in the property doors, electronic keys, ect., (that can't be done by an evil doer somewhere in China). - Rent Rabbit has been in business for eight years. We're all over the web, on Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The landlords we work with have been in business over 20 years. - In those eight years over 4,000 have pre-qualified and scheduled their showing on the Rent Rabbit website, and many have found the apartment they love. - We don't ask for any money, unless and until, you've toured the apartment, and YOU decide you want it. - What we do ask for (income, credit, etc.), is no different than what other landlords ask you for. Only difference is we do it all online, they do it on your first phone call with them (the phone screen).

Austin Apartments - Rent Rabbit 

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