About self-guided

Tour it privately (or bring a friend):

No phone tag, no pushy agent following you around.


Explore it leisurely, at your pace, how you want, as long as you want.

Schedule online (like food delivery), any day, 7am to 7pm. An hour from now if you want!

Your phone will have an electronic (virtual) key to unlock the doors.

Your phone also becomes your tour guide. You'll get simple directions to the apartment and key features about the apartment.

We'll guide you each step of the way.

Setting up your tour

4 steps in 4 minutes:


Select tour date & time

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Score from free credit service

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Photo ID 


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Load virtual key on your phone

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Your information is kept private

Five star customer review

Tiara Robinson

"Touring on my own there was no social distancing to worry about, I felt safe."