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1 Bed


5701 W Huron


Living Here:


1 Bed



Cost to Move-In:




Application Fee. Paid Now

Move In Fee. Paid after application is approved.

1st month rent. Paid on your move in date (within 30 days from now).

5701 W Huron, Chicago, IL 60644, 56-1

The Details:




Free heat, water, trash

Lease term

1 Year










Cats OK, No Dogs



1st Floor

Common Application Questions:

Who can enrol in Smart Learning Hub?

Smart Learning Hub is for any client targeting an enhanced learning experience in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and computer science. This includes: - Senior secondary students (BGCSE, IGCSE, A-Level) - Tertiary students (Certificate, Diploma, Degree) - Private or government organisations - Professionals Interested? Click here to enrol.

What about if I am a Junior secondary or a Primary student?

Contact us and we will arrange a dedicated service for you.

What services do Smart Learning Hub offer?

Depending on the subscription, the services range from: - In-person or in-class tutoring - Online video content - Online sample problems and solutions - Course summary notes - Pick up and drop-off - Working space and career developmental events - Coaching and mentoring - Free public online resources - Skills training and professional development

What differentiantes Smart Learning Hub from other similar services?

We offer more than just tutoring! We approach learning with a focus on how to think instead of what to think in order to adapt to a rapidly changing global environment. Our platform allows for our clients to be innovative and creative in solving problems.

Can I try Smart Learning Hub services before fully committing?

Absolutely. You can come along for two sessions and if the services are not for you, we are more than happy to cancel your enrolment and provide full refund.

What happens if I want to cancel?

For the first two sessions, you can cancel anytime with full refund provided. After that, we require two weeks notice. Simply contact us to process the cancellation request.

How big are the group sessions?

The average group size is 10 students per session. The capacity will vary depending on the class capacity. However, to promote engagement and interaction, Smart Learning Hub will limit the maximum capacity to 15 students per session.

How long are the sessions?

We mainly run multiple one hour sessions throughout the week. However, under certain circumstances, we may have three hour sessions. Online videos and resoures are available 24/7 depending on the type of subscription.

Is the transport (pick-up and drop-off) service free?

Pick-up and drop-off service is free under certain conditions (see our terms and conditions) and certain subscriptions. Small fee may apply if outside the service area.

How experienced and qualified are the educators?

The Smart Learning Hub philosophy is centred around having a team of best and experienced educators in their field of expertise, in addition to strictly aligning to the Smart Learning Hub values.

What happens if I miss a session?

Notify us beforehand to arrange for the next available session. Additionally, online resources are available for access 24/7.

Do you have online content and resources?

Yes. As part of our service, we provide 24/7 access to online resouces including video content, sample problems and solutions, summary notes and any relevant information that will enhance your learning experience.

Is private service available?

Yes, our services are flexible enough to cater for specific needs of our clients.

Where is the Smart Learning Hub centre located?

Smart Learning Hub currently operates on strategically leased spaces most convenient to our clients, in addition to delivering the service right at the comfort of your home.

Can the clients be part of the Smart Learning Hub educators team?

Yes. Our philosophy is to create a platform and ecosystem that utilises any member associated with Smart Learning Hub to be part of this movement - for suitable clients we can offer them the opportunity to join and grow our team.

How do I enrol?

Austin Apartments - Rent Rabbit 

5412 W Ferdinand (Unit #1)

Chicago, IL. 60644

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